Specialites TA mod. 270 bag support front rack for MAFAC RACER centerpull brake

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Survivor grade TA mod. 270 bag support front rack. These were made by TA to fit for MAFAC RACER centerpull brakes. The bag support will fit other model MAFAC brakes with a gentle prodding or bending of the struts that fit under the pivot bolts. No guarantees on other brand centerpull brakes.

They are designed to support handlebar mounted bags from the bottom so they don’t drag on your tires. Ideally paired with a fender or mud guard. The use case was 4-5kg: enough for a baguette, a camera, keys, etc  

Made in France. Exact production date unknown but these were available from the early 1960s to the early 1980s (if I am wrong, please drop me a line and I’ll update). 

The condition and finish of these racks are, as-is or as-found (but I did spend some time cleaning them up to current daily rider shape). There may be some slight pitting, surface rust or permanent discoloration of the chrome finish. 

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